For the last 40 years, Orlando-based advertising, landscape and food photographer Jorge Ramirez have illustrated the covers and pages of numerous publications and advertising campaigns both in Puerto Rico and USA. He was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and is in love with life, his profession, his wife, food stylist Rosanne Ramirez, and their three sons.

Even though he does a lot of his work in Orlando and Miami, he is constantly traveling to assignments to Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico. Jorge is known for getting the best out of each subject he photographs and been keen on creating images based on original concepts and ideas. His portfolio combines his extensive experience in food, celebrity portraits and advertising markets, as well as technical expertise and creative insight.

During a photo shoot, Jorge is always passionate, positive and focused on creating a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for his clients that always lead to fantastic photos. He’s a great team player who is intensely dedicated to his work.  It is this very attitude, which sets him apart from other photographers.

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